This topic explores concepts related to musculosketal trauma.

This topic presents information to enable nurses to clarify and enhance assessment skills in the the context of the patient with Orthopaedic health problems.

Casting and traction are two treatments used in the management of orthopaedic problems where prolonged immobility is required.

This module enables users to reflect on the principles of casting and traction and provides resources to guide learning of these specialiast practical skills.

Key words:

Cast, casting, plaster, traction, straight leg traction, Hamilton Russell traction, Hare traction, pelvic traction.

More information:

This topic covers discussion on the recognition, prevention and principles of management of Orthopaedic complications such as:

  • osteomyelitis & septic arthritis
  • compartment syndrome
  • fat embolism syndrome
  • crush syndrome
  • fracture blisters
  • delirium

The Orthopaedic Nursing page contains information and activities to assist nurses working in an orthopaedic environment to care for an orthopaedic patient. 

The page is divided into five modules and each one must be completed before moving on to the next. The four modules are:

1) Basic Anatomy and Physiology

2) Orthopaedic Nursing Assessment

3) Trauma

4) Complications

5) Casting and Traction