SA Health offers educational programs covering Mental Health topics for both Mental Health Nurses and Non Mental Health Nurses

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Course Summary: This program is designed as an introduction metabolic syndrome for mental health staff.

  • Introduction to Metabolic Syndrome
  • Metabolic Measurements
  • What Can We Do About it
  • Bariatric Consumers

Target Audience: Mental Health staff and students

Completion Requirement: As per your manager's recommendation within the context of your role

Mode of Delivery: Online resources

CPD: 1 hour 

Target Audience: 

Refreshers are available to staff who have already completed the 1 day MAPA Foundation Workshop, in the last 2 years.  

Important Note:

This is a 2 hour session that staff must apply for via the online application process.

Target Audience

MAPA Foundation Training is for Medical, Nursing and Allied Health workers in Mental Health Services and SALHN Emergency Departments.

Full day workshops 

  • are for those people who are new to the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) training program
  • MAPA Workshops are conducted frequently at a variety of sites with sessions capped due to venue capacity for each session.  

Important Note:

Connecting with People-Suicide Response (Part 1 and 2)

This module is designed for all health professionals involved in the management of clozapine. The term ‘participant’ refers to the patient, consumer, client or service user for this course.

Course Summary: This program is designed as an update for Nurses who give Long Acting Intramuscular Injections (LAI) there are three components,

  • Review of Injection sites
  • Long Acting Preparations
  • Indications for Long Acting Preparations

Target Audience: Mental Health Nurses, Graduate Mental Health Nurse Students

Completion Requirement:  Mandatory whole course once off for all nurses working in Acute community & inpatient teams where LAI's are administered - then yearly refresher (Theory component) there after.

Mode of Delivery: Theory (online), practice session (trainer) + LAI administration assessment.

 In addition to this update, staff completing the entire LAI program will need to complete

Practical Assessment - An additional component is being observed giving 5 intramuscular injections 

  • Ventrogluteal site minimum 2 injections 
  • Deltoid site minimum 2 injections 

The practical training session will organised locally in your clinical area. You will need to produce the three certificates from the above programs prior to undertaking the practical session

The practical component will take up to an hour and a half

CPD: 4 hours (Theory and practical)

    Mental Health and Ageing

    Intended audience

    This course is intended as an introduction to the range of issues that staff must reflect upon when faced with a situation where seclusion and restraint is being considered as an option in resolving a challenging interaction with a consumer.

    Seclusion should only be used where there are purpose built facilities and appropriate expertise.


    This is a Digital Media course