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  • Regional Health Education Link Page
  • Transition to Professional Practice (Registered Nurses)
  • Transition to Professional Practice (Registered Midwives)
  • Regional Health Perioperative Resources
  • Diabetes Management and Care
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Regional South Australia education page for mandatory and recommended education links Nurses.

We encourage everyone to access this website using Google Chrome.

It is your responsibility to keep a record of completion for all training located on external websites.

Some of the topics are still under review. Once completed they will opened.

The purpose of this learning site is to verify qualifications, experience and professional attributes for the purpose of forming a view about Enrolled Nurses performance and professional suitability to provide safe healthcare services. 

Successful completion of this package will allow the ENMA with Advanced Diploma or specialty practice post-graduation qualifications, to be authorised to administer specific IV medications across Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) sites. 

Target Audience:  Enrolled Nurses who have successfully completed HLTEN519C (IV Unit) and are supported by their Director of Nursing/Midwifery

The CHSALHN Midwifery Education Link Page has:

- links to all the accreditation courses which have been reviewed / adapted for CHSALHN use

Transition to Professional Practice Program for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives

This online program is open to all staff. The
 focus is on supporting the development of new graduates as they transition to a new role/position.

There are sections targeted at the new graduate,  preceptors and facilitators. As well as information relevant for all staff supporting or undergoing transition in the workplace the program contains resources and activities for graduates participating in the CHSALHN Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife TPPP.

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The Diabetes Management and Care webpage has been designed to provide nursing staff from Country Health SA health services to undertake professional development related to diabetes care in hospital and aged care.

Allocated hours: 

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You should NOT be asked for an enrolment key.
If you are asked for an enrolment key, contact Wendy Hall directly by clicking on the teacher name and sending a message, or CNMER:

This education provides a great opportunity for regional staff to benefit from the expertise of experienced clinicians.

The CHSALHN Perioperative web page contains resources, learning modules and assessment tools for nurses working in CHSA perioperative areas. 

The Introduction to Medical Terminology Course is designed to provide a basic understanding of medical terms for use on a daily basis.