The Southern Adelaide Palliative Service (SAPS) team utilises an interdisciplinary approach in supporting complex care coordination for people with advanced life-limiting illness and at the end of life. This coordination is offered across acute care and community based settings.

Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) Units services provide specialised high quality care to older South Australians for problems unique to old age. GEM services are staffed by a multidisciplinary team where the patient is admitted under the care of a specialist geriatrician.

Rehab Tobruk Ward is a specialised 25bed Rehabilitation Unit. The aim of the Unit is to assist individuals to regain optimum recovery of mind and body following a disabling illness or accident

We believe in the right of the patient as an individual to expect a standard of care that meets the needs of the patient and their carer. The patient’s dignity will be maintained at all times and they will be approached with courtesy and consideration. Their right to privacy will be maintained as will their right for access to quality health care and their involvement in decisions that affect their treatment and outcome.

Rehabilitation is the specialized process that enables an individual to regain optimal recovery of mind and body following a disabling illness or accident. It allows a person to regain maximum recovery with an aim to return to the community and their former lifestyle where possible. Rehabilitation requires the cooperative effort of the individual, their family and the members of the interdisciplinary health care team.

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