These Accreditations are for DASSA staff.


Accreditations include mandatory activities that staff are required to complete at regular intervals.

Check the Accreditations located at your specific worksite (eg FMC, NHS, RGH etc) and those that are considered Shared Accreditations.

Each Accreditation will indicate its frequency and target staff groups. Should you have any concerns related to the Accreditations that YOU are required to complete, please discuss them with your line manager.

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The SA Government is committed to increasing the number of people with disabilities in the workforce. In addition, all public sector staff are required to undertake disability awareness training. This training is designed to assist staff to gain awareness of disabilities and how to ensure that advice and services are delivered with an awareness and understanding of issues affecting people with disabilities

The Records Management Induction is open to anyone working for or on behalf of SA Health. The course outlines the importance of good record keeping practices in a government environment and the obligations that everyone has to look after official records they receive or create as they carry out their work.

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Objective is an electronic Document and Records Management System used by SA Health

This course is provided by an external provider and not created by SALHN or Digital Media.

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