Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA)

Face to face workshops




Target Audience:

SAHLN- Mandatory for Medical, Nursing and Allied Health workers in Mental Health Services and Emergency Department.


To book into a session:

  • Discuss attendance eligibility with your Manager
  • Follow local work training application processes when requesting study leave
  • BOOK into a session by clicking into this course and select your agreed date/time


Full-day Workshops include:

  • Foundation MAPA- a one day course for new SAHLN clinical staff in Mental Health Services and Emergency Department (ED).
  • Advanced MAPA- a one day course for SAHLN clinical staff working in Acute Mental Health In-patient settings, after completion of the Foundation course 18 months prior.


Refresher Training (for the above courses):

  • Foundation Refresher- a 2 hour session for clinical staff who:
    • work in Mental Health non acute In-patient settings or Emergency Department
    • have completed the Foundation 1 day course within 18 months prior.
  • Advanced Refresher- attendance at the Advanced MAPA one day course within every 18 months.


# For SAHLN Clinical Staff who do not  work in Mental Health or Emergency Department:


This course is for SALHN staff only

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