Medication Administration Update 2018

Medicines are the most common treatment used in health care and result in the second highest number of incident and adverse events.It is essential for nurses and midwives (who are authorised to give medications) to regularly review their own performance in relation to medication management and administration.

A mandatory competency


Target audience:all nursing and midwifery staff

Content includes:

  • This update offers staff the opportunity to:

    • review standardised terminology
    • access specific organisational medication administration guidelines and resources
    • access educational material and resources
    • access practice quizzes to refresh skills and confidence
    • demonstrate competency by completing the standardised terminology, safe medication administration and the medication calculation quizzes
    • obtain certificates as evidence of competency upon the successful completion of the quizzes

Allocated hours:1 hour(1 hour = 1 CPD point)

PLEASE NOTE you are only allowed 3 attempts with each of the quizzes.

If you are asked for an enrolment key, contact the convener directly by clicking on the teacher name and sending a message, or